Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring Looks

I got a very sweet email from Britton Shores, a personal stylist for Boston's Newbury Intermix store. She sent me a personal message inquiring after my birthday celebration and how my cute birthday outfit worked out.  Back in September, the very helpful stylists at Intermix helped me pick out an adorable black Herve Leger skirt (after wanting one for a while, I finally went for it for my birthday splurge) as well as a sparkly gold Stella McCartney shirt.  The outfit was very apropos for my birthday fete and I had a great time.

What I can't get over is the awesome client experience.  I'm not being paid to say that FYI, haha.  I wish.  Having gone through what seems like a bagillion management classes, I can appreciate the Newbury store making the connections with their clientele.  Britton personalized the message, put together pretty cute looks (included above were a handful of my favorites, but she put together 8 looks total), and added a few pictures of other pieces of brands she'd thought I'd like.  Not too shabby guys.

I will make it a point to stop in before full fledged spring time.  I need to breathe some spring life into my very drab winter wardrobe.

Please refer to outfit pic below... wintery with a random spring scarf worn as a headband. 


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