Monday, February 14, 2011

the most ordinary day of the year

Image Source: Kiki de Montparnasse

... so ordinary, in fact, that I wear panties like this to work all the time.  I just stuff the bow tails into my skirt to add some shelfage to my butt.

I've put together a wish list of a few fun and somewhat quirky items that could be useful for V-Day.

1.  Essie nail polish in Splash of Grenadine
Normally with a promise of a drink, I'd be pretty pissed if I was left high and dry (pun intended).  That's under "normal" circumstances.  However, due to the Valentine's Day spirit, I am embracing this nail polish not only because of it's cute name, but because the color is a great way to lift me out of my winter funk and is a whole lot spunkier than your everyday ballerina slipper pink.

2.  Kiki de Montparnasse Chiffon Bow Panty from the Ingenue Collection
Hot hot hot!  If I wasn't 210 miles away from my guy (I googled), I would totally purchase these and present my sexy self as the bf's gift.  After all, I am the best gift he's ever gotten :cough cough:.

3.  The Snuggie Sutra by Lex Friedman and Megan Morrison
Not feeling like forking over the $175 for the KDM Bow Thong?  Why not dust off those Snuggies you got for Christmas put them to good use?  For those who need some creative guidance, geniuses Lex and Megan have put together a step by step guide. 

I am all for Champagne when the moment is right... but since this list is taking a somewhat off kilter turn, you might as well be a booze bag with the one you love.  Blood oranges, mango, and passion fruit flavor this French Vodka delight. 

5. Alexandra Ferguson's Let's Make Out Pillow
For obvious reasons, this pillow is an all purpose year round decorative item.  If it's not obvious to you, then you should learn to like kissing.  It's pretty fun.  Kidding aside, this is one of the more serious items on my list that I would buy for myself.  It's a fun design and would be a great addition to my boring all white bed.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.  I vow not to give more than 5 seconds of stink eye to any one vomit inducing couple.

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